The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Binghamton University is pleased to introduce the distinguished members of its faculty. You will find them in their offices during office hours, available by appointment, willing to take a phone call and eager to assist students in the learning process.



Yulia Bosworth   LN 2224 
Robyn Cope   LN 2220
Jeanette Patterson     LN 2222
Dora Polachek              LN 2234


French Instructors

Elizabeth Clarke                LN 2243 
Julie Johnson   LN 2241 
Carmen Swoffer-Penna     LN 2234



 Brendan Hennessey     LN 2212 
 Mario Moroni  LN 2230
 Dana Stewart            LN 2210


Italian Instructors

 Maria Cook         LN 2239 
 Alexandra Lee   LN 2237
 Rachel Samiai  LN 2235 


 Sandra Casanova-Vicainzo 
 LN 2208B 
 Luis Castaneda
LN 2238
 Salvador Fajardo
LN 2231
 Bryan Kirschen
LN 2226
 Chesla Lenkaitis
LN 2229
 Marisol Marcin
LN 2248 
 Giovanna Montenegro
LT 1508
 Gerardo Pignatiello
LN 2228
 Ana Ros
LN 2214
 Antonio Sobejano-Moran
LN 2233


 Spanish Instructors

 Maria Alonso            LN 2242 
 Magdala Bedrin  LN 2244
 Maria Bracaglia-Kapral  LN 2248
 Sean Cook LN 2236
 Emerita Hamdan LN 2240 
 Cynthia Ann Totolis LN 2246
 Anita Vogley  LN 2248

Last Updated: 6/9/17